Commonwealth Theater Center Full 2024 Season Listing

CTC presents an annual young playwright festival featuring world premiere performances of 10 minute plays written by the new voices in our community.

Scheduled for February 16 – 17 & 23 -24,  2024. Check back for tickets. 

FORMS by Callie Harris

A woman on a date tries, REALLY tries, to be what her date wants.

HAUNTED by Elliott Harris

A man in a bar wrestles with grief and forgiveness.


A man who is kidnapped and held captive explains why.

THE MAULING by Ava Robey

Three sisters resolve their rivalry in an unconventional way.

TWO GUYS WALK INTO A BAR by Stuart Reynolds

The old joke, told between two friends, takes on a much deeper meaning.


A couple hits a rough patch due to bad advice from an unlikely source.

AETERNUS by Anya Cullen

Two vampires examine their centuries-old relationship.

Young American Shakespeare Festival

The Young American Shakespeare Festival (YASF) at Commonwealth Theatre Center is the largest and longest-running such festival by and for young people in the United States. 


May 9th – 11th & 13th-18th, 2024. Check back for tickets

TWELFTH NIGHT. Directed by Charlie Sexton

Shakespeare’s zaniest romantic comedy. Viola, after being shipwrecked, sets out disguised as a page and promptly falls in love with someone who loves someone else, who in turn falls in love with the page, who is actually Viola. The original romantic love triangle, Twelfth Nights vividly depicts what crazy things we will do in the name of love. 


CYMBELINE. Directed by Meg Caudill

Cymbeline is one of Shakespeare’s later plays that has something for everyone: a wicked Queen, secret marriages, betrayal and forgiveness, war between England and Rome, mistaken identities, and a woman who must disguise herself as a man while seeking her lost love. In the end, all’s well that ends well as truths are revealed, lovers are reunited, and villains are vanquished.

Sponsors include the Snowy Owl Foundation, Kentucky Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, WHAS Crusade for Children, The Gheens Foundation, Kosair Charities, Louisville Metro Government, Norton Foundation, LGE and KU Foundation
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